CSU Summer Arts at CSUMB

The Foundation of CSUMB is an auxiliary organization of The California State University governed by the California Education Code §8900 et seq. and the administrative regulations of The California State University as set forth in Title 5 of the California Code of Regulations.

The Foundation has a governing Board of Directors comprised of community members, a faculty representative, a student representative and an alumni representative.

2014/15 Board of Directors

  • Robert C. Taylor, Esq.
    • Chair
    • Member of the Investment Committee
    • Member of the Audit Committee
      • Community Member - Attorney at Law
  • Robert Johnson
    • Secretary
      • Community Member
  • Vacant
    • Treasurer
  • Barbara Zappas
    • Chief Executive Officer
    • Chair of the Investment Committee
      • Vice President of University Development
  • Eduardo M. Ochoa, Ph.D.
    • Director
      • CSUMB President
  • Anna M. Caballero
    • Director
      • Community Member - Secretary of the California Business, Consumer Services and Housing Agency
  • Janine Chicourrat
    • Director
      • Community Member
  • Giovanna Nebbio
    • Director
      • Student Representative
  • Kevin R. Saunders
    • Director
      • Vice President for Administration and Finance
  • Harry Wardwell
    • Director
      • Community Member
  • Rafael Zamora
    • Director
      • Community Member